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Day 45: I Am Not Influenza

Okay, okay. I hear you.

Record email has prompted me to check my page hits. This blog is more popular than I’d imagined. Evidently the world cares about my existence in this cluttered hole. Or is at least amused.

I’m still here. The joint’s gotten more spacious.

H5N1 IS NOT ME (Mikael Häggström)

So I stopped in at a library. It was full of chattering kids pretending to read while staffers worked to get the place back up to speed. Revelation came when I saw a sign that read Biog and misread it to say Blog. I flashed on the error of my ways.

I am not bird flu. H5N1 is not me. Mea culpa.

I initiated this blog to report on how people could help themselves and secondarily, to comment on what was going on around me. I didn’t mean in my kitchen or bed. Or even across the street. How does that help anyone?

My partner was right: Like a lot of bloggers, I’ve succumbed to talking about myself most of the time. A waste of all our lives, I assure you.

I’ve stopped. I hope my further ideas aren’t boring. I shall continue to express myself about things that are important. Stay tuned.

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