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This website contains the entire novel—linked and illustrated—along with information on influenza and bird flu, an art gallery & opportunities to buy personal protection gear and cultural merchandise (including books, movies, and music cited by American Fever's blogger).



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Many people contributed to American Fever. Some helped me conduct research while others read and critiqued early drafts. A couple helped build this web site. Artists provided photographs and graphics that enliven and enhance the blog posts. A few people contributed in multiple ways. I shall always be extremely grateful for their generous engagement.

Thank you!

Anthony Aalto

Veronika Aurens

Josh Bisker

Steven Blush

Cobra Gold (Cecil Water, John Waters & Josh Bisker)

Dr. John Jacob Cannell

Denise Demong

Marcel Dubbelman

Terri Ferrari

Eric Friedman

Patty Goodwin

Patricia Gostyla, Gostyla PR

Anne Hemenway

Rachel Hundert

Jim Impoco

Eli Kabillio

Katrin Kamolz

Nadia Kamolz

Eka Kartika (Arterial Witness website)

Alan Lefkowitz

Holly Monahan


Professor Norman Noah

Nita Noor (Arterial Witness website & logo design, plus more re American Fever)

Richard Numeroff

Ann Patty

Juliette Pelletier & Reflect-Arts

Rose Pham

E & P de Saint Phalle

Thibaut de Saint Phalle

Eric Teed

Gary Tsuchiyama

Twin Guns (Andrea Sicco & Jim Chandler)

Cynthia von Buhler

Elisa Zazzera


This site was designed with:

Brian Azer, who created American Fever's cover and interior and Delinquent's dvd package, too

Jonathan Denby


Visuals were contributed by the following artists:

Miriam Berkley: Author’s photograph

Gustavo Franco: 'Pandemic'

Peter Christian Hall: Numerous blog photographs

Thomas C. Jackson: Selected Artworks

Leanne Johnson: (Birds Hate Us Blog)

Kate MacDonald: 'Postcards From Dystopia'

Kieran McGonnell: Selected Artworks

Angela Wieland: Certain blog photographs & Personal Protection Gear page portraits

Frank Zirbel: Numerous artworks