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Day 197-8: Help—Please

This is a note from the woman known here as Anna. I hope one of you can help me figure out what happened.

I am sorry to have to tell you Blogula has disappeared. I came home from work yesterday to find the door on the floor and the apartment looted. His iMac and papers are gone, so it might have been an official raid. All his protective stuff and cash and food are missing, too, so it could have been a big burglary. Whoever did it would have needed a truck.

Where is he? Why would robbers take him away, too? Where’s Sneeky? Even the cat food is missing.

He was supposed to meet his old girlfriend for coffee at 3 pm, but I doubt she kidnapped him. The door was removed by the kind of system the police used when they raided my apartment. When I called the local precinct, a detective asked me who the missing man talks to and who would want to harm him. No cops came to view the mess or take a statement about the break-in.

His nearest neighbors are both dead. No one else heard anything. A couple shrugged and looked away. Two block residents saw a lot of police cars parked here yesterday.

I’m scared for him. If you know anything, please write his business email. If you know anyone important in New York or Washington—anywhere, really—please get help.

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