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Day 188: Houston

How can we talk of anything but Houston? What is there to say?

At least 10,000 killed by chlorine gas after an explosion that makes no sense. The company says it was impossible and no terrorists have taken responsibility.

I get the feeling that understaffing has caught up with us. Those train wrecks failed to impress. Every high-tech endeavor is at risk as society cracks and crumbles.

AMERICAN CIPHER 22 (Thomas C. Jackson) I hope the soldiers that the president dispatched to Houston have good masks. Chlorine rather mimics bird flu in that it destroys the respiratory system and asphyxiates its victims. Both sides used it as combat gas in World War I.

I sure hope this wasn’t a terror attack because every population center has loads of chlorine to detoxify drinking water. There’s nearly 1,000 tons of chlorine gas in an old tank under an overpass just across the Hudson in New Jersey. Oops, I’ve just remembered that something called the National Cyber Response Coordination Group has staged simulated ‘Cyber Storms’ with one of the targeted ‘problems’ being bloggers who discuss vulnerabilities in the system. (But I saw that chlorine tank on TV….)

Houston is full of plants that could blow up and kill everyone. Always has been, long before 9/11. Long since, too.

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