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Day 185 (#2): Loose Lips Get Clipped

Our old mystery mailer has resurfaced! It’s been too long—evidently long enough for her to have acquired some legalistic skills.

Having found an occasion to catch up on my narrative, ‘Evelyn’ demands I retract something I posted a week ago. It was unduly salacious, she charges, asserting her historical right to respond, “a perquisite established in almost six months of well-documented public intercourse, etc.”

Hmmm, WHICH WORD WAS IT?Ominously, my corrective correspondent warns that she shall otherwise elect to exercise said privilege to publish in this venue an accounting of my person, including—but not limited to—my “carnal propensities” and “the particulars of [my] physical endowment.” Top that, she adds. Did anyone out there suspect I had hooked up with a legal fetishist?

Dang this Internet thing. It never fails to go too far. Those Congresspeople were right.

Oh well, here goes: I’m sorry, my love. I won’t do it again.

If my ISP has anything to say about it, I won’t be able to. Due to “numerous complaints” about my site, I’ve been told to find a new host within 72 hours or face a shutdown until the company has completed an investigation, which could take months. Suggestions will be appreciated, although further snickering from Story of the Eye fans is banned!

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